ابر زندگی
Teb Stars

A series of events and conferences designed to identify talents, abilities and motivations, as well as provide a targeted route and, most importantly, share the experiences of people with different specializations for the youth of this land. These events will be held for the first time at the National Digital Media Media Festival, along with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. One of the most important goals of Star Academy is the use of high digital media capacity to promote community health literacy. Now you can help the community to progress by commercializing its ideas.

Why is Star Star

From the old days they said that you have to be tested and experienced many times in order to be successful in your life. Now assume that we, humans, can not experience or even experiment with all that we like, for a variety of reasons, including time and financial constraints! So there's a place to share experiences. Can I have a different, non-existent idea, but I do not know how to turn it into a product? The answer is clear: Star Academy is where you become a successful person by sharing experiences and providing other solutions from your ignorance! In Star Academy, you can take the steps you take to make a golden decision, for your progress.


Motto Star Star

"Experience; Blue Gold!"


The first Starstone event

For the first time, on October 26, 1397, from 9 am to 16th, the first international experience of the Star Academy with the presence of the country's top startups, will take place at the International Razi Conference Center in Tehran, the Great Hemmat, next to Milad Tower, Iran University of Medical Sciences. .


Sign up to attend

You can participate in this event if you have ideas that you have not yet succeeded in turning it into a product or you do not know how to commercialize your ideas. Just send us your profile and resume, so that if you choose to be an audience of this event.


Registration fee

In line with the support policies of the Ministry of Health, Medical Education and Training, the ministry's ideas, potential, talents and abilities have been free of charge, and the Ministry of Health has paid for all program audience fees.