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Questions about registration
Abr-e-Zendegi is the first Iranian accelerator that specializes in all areas of health and related affairs and related industries . IP Helt tries to prevent the occurrence of common failures for healthcare startups by creating an ecosystem . You will not find any other accelerator that connects your startups to healthcare industry investors . Interacting with the Ministry of Health and facilitating the obtaining of business licenses from ISD Helts . Helping to commercialize a product or service and bring it closer to the market through its long-time investors in the healthcare sector is also the IBM service . Visiting hospitals and health services and communicating with major healthcare decision makers can definitely affect the commercialization of healthcare startups .
Abr-e-Zendegi generally works in all six health-related areas covered by the World Health Organization: 1- Physical 2-Psychological 3- Emotional 4- Social 5. Sexual-Sexual 6. It operates from the startups in the field of health with technology They have used the information to innovate in this area. Some of the special fields include the following: Nutrition, traditional medicine, nursing services, health education, virtual assistant, infant and child health, elderly sports, medical and diagnostic imaging, Internet, health care objects, health care, medical robotics, health games, health tourism and hundreds of topics Other affiliated and related health topics.
If you do not yet have the necessary conditions to enter the accelerated period, for example, you have only one idea and your team is not perfect or you do not have a team at all, and you have not started an executive job. The pre-acceleration period helps you to be comfortable so much. What you want to do is answer and spend the energy and time and keep it right. This short course is full of training to start a startup. Take part in the pre-accelerated period to quickly meet the requirements for acceleration and investment.
Yes. In the Abr-e-Zendegi accelerator, startup alternatives are also accepted. However, we believe that dealing with single-player startups is hard and their team is more likely to succeed.
The team can have up to 5 co-founders or founders, with a two-to-five team of Abr-e-Zendegi. Because a startup has a lot of things to do, one person can do it.
No It is important that the start-up founders have the skills to build the product and not outsource it. For the general public, you need to have technical and technical connectivity.
Abr-e-Zendegi goal is to help shape your business with the goal of your product or service target. It is not necessary to send your business model before going through this path. Answering the questions we asked in our parenting form is enough.
Yes, but we do not suggest this. It's best to choose the startup you're interested in and the expertise of the team will cover it more and select the same.
Yes. Participating startups at growth centers or other accelerators will not be a barrier to admission to the Abr-e-Zendegi.
No, if accepted, we will assist you in registering companies and legal issues. We also provide you with the best advice and legal services through the Legal Abr-e-Zendegi Team.
If you meet the requirements of the Abr-e-Zendegi accelerator in the previous review, you can re-register your application.
After registering the startup information, through the completion of our coaching acceptance form, we will review your forms and interview the teams, and start ups based on team competencies, product availability, and market size.
Yes, due to the limited time of different acceleration periods, the existence of the minimum acceptable product (MVP) or, in other words, the initial product, will enable the team to benefit from the training and facilities offered during the acceleration period.
If you have not already increased your funds, the Abr-e-Zendegi can be right for you.
Yes, we will be glad to provide suitable entrepreneurs from all over the country in a way that we can adequately handle the resources we have. We propose to accelerate our office space in Tehran for work during the pre-term period. But you can start your transfer to Tehran this time. You must be present in all joint educational and coaching programs. When you are accepted in the accelerated period, the condition for confirming entry is transferring the team to Tehran. In this way, we can better support you.
Your startup is a business and an important part of your life. You will be busy working on your product every day, like other teams. We have prepared a space to help you get started. Every day, a workshop will be held. We will also consider you a dedicated trainer. Throughout the accelerated period, our experienced and experienced mentors will go to Abr-e-Zendegi at different times and will be available to help you.
Yes, but only with prior coordination. Your referral without coordination will have a negative impact on your request. We will be glad to show you the accelerator space, and for that we will consider dedicated sessions and times, which we will inform you through the newsletter.
One of the ways to get acquainted with people who think like you and who can be your founder is to participate in different and relevant periods.
You do not know how to build a successful startup, whenever you feel you have the prerequisites for entering the accelerated period, you must register an application form. We will promptly inform you of our review.
It's never to late to start. There are many successful businesses that started their very high ages.
Investment Questions Section
There are no limitations to accepting teams in the ILD. Submit your application by completing the acceptance form.
Your startup will give up 10% of the company's shares, which will be registered later, in return for equipment, facilities, infrastructure, high-speed broadband, training, coaching and consulting in various fields, plus cash capital. This percentage may change in certain cases. The tutorials and tips that you will receive from the start of your business from the coaches and consultants of the Abr-e-Zendegi are very valuable, as well as the opportunity to provide the result of your activities to personal and corporate investors, and investment companies, at the end The accelerated period will be given to you. We want to focus on building great products and services and not worry about anything else.
Our main criteria are: Team A: The most important factor is the success of a startup team. We expect fully committed entrepreneurs to have a team whose members have a wide range of skills to cover. Their expertise in their own industry is also an early criterion. Ultimately, teams that have worked well in the past are more likely to succeed. B-Market: There is a huge potential market. If the product or service market is less than adequate, it will not effectively serve investors and entrepreneurs. Product C: We invest in teams whose products or services are tools for creating value through solving a problem with an innovative solution that is newer than existing solutions.
Experience has shown that most capital startup clients require accelerated services to invest. However, complete the acceptance form. If you have the necessary conditions, we will introduce you to the investment unit.
This course is completely free. At this two-month opportunity, the accelerator evaluates startups that they say are upbeat. If the startup function is accepted by the accelerometer assessment team, it will be allowed to enter the acceleration period. The accelerator will receive 10% of start-up shares in return for accelerated service and investment.
Questions about the acceptance of the idea
The team of Abr-e-Zendegi , along with experienced entrepreneurs and mentors, will examine the teams and invite team members to attend, if any.
We propose reading about the value of ideas to find value in the idea. In our opinion, the idea is not worth much and a team that can turn an idea into a productive business is valuable. So, we do not review the ideas that the team does not have. Of course, as soon as we receive the startup, we will conclude an agreement between the accelerator and the startup team members.
Your startup is yours, and it's time to spend your time with your own hands. To be successful, you must be committed to yourself, your goals, and your plans. We expect to show you this commitment and spend most of your time on IDC. We believe that the presence of the accelerator will be very beneficial for you and your teammates as you have a lot of learning opportunities like participating in courses, workshops, and guidance programs from coaches and networking. Experience has shown that if any of the initiator founders can not be at least 20 hours a week in the accelerator location, the likelihood of successful start-ups is very low.
You can apply for a shared space in the accelerator. After completing the form of acceptance, we will contact you and inform us about the cost of working space sharing.
The team can have up to 5 co-founders or founders, with a two-to-five team of Abr-e-Zendegi. Because a startup has a lot of things to do, one person can do it.
Yes, many of the startups they are investing do not need this money. In fact, this money is just a small part of our acceleration process, which helps startups to become viable sets. Also, after completing our application form, we will inform you of the time of training courses and workshops.
If the accelerator startup is satisfactory, at the end of the start-up team, it will give start-ups to its start-ups and will try their best to raise funds. By being in Abr-e-Zendegi Holding and participating in networking and training sessions, this opportunity will be available for you to be ready to interact with these investors. Abr-e-Zendegi will accompany the teams in the negotiation process to raise funds and make necessary contracts. Throughout the course, we will teach you how to best serve your investors.
Yes. If you invest like a lot of startups like us, there will inevitably be an overlap between them. Even if your building is not going to compete with another startup, this overlap will still occur, because the startup ideas are experiencing a lot of changes. The way we deal with this is that when the two startups work on a related subject, we do not transfer information to one another. Most major markets are limited to several solutions that have minor differences, and the probability that the two startups will work on the same issue is also negligible.
If you meet the requirements of the Abr-e-Zendegi accelerator in the previous review, you can re-register your application.