About Us

Ayande Pajoohane Abre Zendegi is the first Iranian accelerator that professionally invests in all areas of health and related industries. Ayande Pajoohane Abre Zendegi tries to prevent the occurrence of common failures for healthcare startups by creating an ecosystem. You will not find any other accelerator that connects its startups to healthcare industry investors. Some of Ayande Pajoohane Abre Zendegi services include interacting with Ministry of Health, facilitating the obtaining of business licenses, helping to commercialize a product or service and bring it closer to the market through investors who have been active in the health sector for many years, visiting hospitals and healthcare centers and communicating with major healthcare decision makers, which can definitely affect the commercialization of healthcare startups.


The first and best ecosystem of entrepreneurship in the Middle East until 1420


The main mission of the biomaterial sector is the production of digital cloud-life content contributing to the development of the domestic environment of entrepreneurship in the country, in particular digital entrepreneurship by addressing the needs of businesses in Iran and helping them grow and develop through education, providing material and spiritual support And involvement of all relevant institutions in this regard.


  • Helping to creat and implement dynamic, sustainable and efficient ecosystems in Iran in the field of cultural industries
  • Strengthening cultural associations and directing them to meet the needs of the people of society by employing entrepreneurial attitudes.
  • Organization of active collections of cultural industries in the country and co-operation their abilities to meet the needs of cultural industries.
  • Creating a suitable subgrade for the implementation of new knowledge-based ideas by the owners of the idea
  • Leading innovators to patent, participating in scientific competitions and festivals, and creating facilities for continuing their activity in the form of admissions in centers
  • Development of new products and services based on demands of market
  • Facilitate access to high-quality infrastructure
  • Attracting Innovative technological and cultural-oriented businesses
  • Identification of successful people's experiences and holding related training workshops
  • Avoiding the phenomenon of brain drain by providing facilities and facilities for creating business and jobs in the country.
  • Development of coaching culture and counseling
  • Use the experience of successful people in the business field and apply it to startups
  • Creating and developing new products and services in the field of digital content production