The Digital Health Media Festival was able to bring the startups together

> Siavash Safarianpour, programmer and event organizer of Tabashtarz, said: "As we are witnessing a new generation of content producers, one of the programs of the Digital Media Festival of Health, told the news headquarters

The first start-up event was held in the field of entrepreneurship

> The first episode in the field of technology, entrepreneurship, relief, rescue and volunteering was held by 35 start-ups on the first day of the Red Crescent Week.

Visit of Vice President of the National Cyberspace of the Cloud Life Accelerator

> Dr. Amir Kharakian, the deputy director of the National Cyberspace Center, visited the start-ups at the center.


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| 1397-11-27
Come on in the cafe and play the level up!

The game's cafe is a software application that covers the different age groups (children, teens, and young people) by designing different games, and has been considered as an influential product while creating entertainment for users of other cultural and social aspects.

| 1397-09-12
IDHealth Accelerated Collaboration with Shahid Beheshti University

During a meeting with the officials from the Shahid Beheshti University with the officials of the Center for Digital Health and Well-being (IDH), the cooperation platform was discussed