Our work proccess in Ayande Pajoohane abre Zendegi

What steps are in the center of the acceleration of the ecosystem?

Stage One: Acceptance
  • Invite owners of ideas, products or technology
  • Register on the site
  • Fill in forms related to the layout specifications and team members
  • Interviews with team members
  • Evaluate and select top design by experts to enter the pre-acceleration phase
Second stage: pre-acceleration
  • Hold basic training courses
  • Providing business consulting
  • Completing projects and teams and getting to the original product
  • Evaluate and select top design by experts to enter the acceleration stage
Stage Three: Accelerated
  • Hold specialized training courses for business creation and management
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Provide expert advice
  • Helping networking
  • Use the experience of successful entrepreneurs
  • Enter the market
Step Four: Final presentation
  • Final presentation of designs
  • Helping to raise capital

After the final stage, the team's association with the lifeblood of the super life will not be cut off, but they will also be able to benefit from educational, counseling and empowerment services after the creation of the business.